Custom-Made Industrial Covers for Your Trailer in OK

Trailers often carry important cargo from one destination to another. But without the right protection, that cargo can fall or fly off the truck and lead to accidents, damaged cargo, and lost income for the company. That’s where Edwards Canvas Inc comes in. We offer custom-fitted tarps for any truck or trailer in OK.

Custom-Fitted Covers for Your Specific Trailer

Every trailer is different, especially in its length, cargo, size, and shape. But we are up to the task of fitting any trailer that needs our custom-fitted industrial tarps. We have a wide selection of custom-fitted truck tarps that come with various features to make covering your truck easier, faster, and more convenient to do. The information below describes what you can have for your custom-fitted tarp.

But no matter what, we ensure that every trailer that needs our custom-fitted industrial covers receives the exact fit it needs. That way, you can rest assured that your trailer will have suitable protection as it travels, no matter the condition of the roads or the state of the weather.

Custom-Made Industrial Covers for Effective Protection

Besides protecting a trailer’s cargo from adverse weather, bad roads, or less-than-ideal coverings, our custom-made tarps also help everyone else around the trailer. Some cargo can litter the road, which could lead to accidents or damaged vehicles. Additionally, some trailers have environmentally sensitive materials, which could wreak havoc if they become loose. A tarp guards against that.

Custom-Made Tarps Ready to Order

If you’re tired of loose or ill-fitting tarps that don’t protect your trailer and its contents, then Edwards Canvas Inc is ready to help. Call us at 1-800-657-2570 to discuss your custom-made cover needs. We will be happy to answer any questions you have and go over our custom-fitting process. Give your trailer the protection it needs today!

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