Our Wagon covers are built to last.

Wagon covers can be made to look authentic with our canvas material or we can make them out of our more durable nylon coated material (vinyl)

If you live in the area you can bring your wagon in and our ladies can custom make your wagon a custom wagon cover.

Or if you live further away send us measurement and possibly a drawling and they will make your wagon a cover. Or you can always give us a can and we can explain how to measure your wagon to get the perfect fit.

Once you get your wagon covered we can then build your wagon a cook fly as well. Our cook fly's can be made several different ways.

We can make your cook fly flat, or we can make your cook fly have side flaps or gable ends.

We can make cook fly's with rings or loops and we can also add a side curtain to as many sides as you want.

And lastly just as the wagon covers we can make them out of canvas of we can make them out of vinyl.